There's some crazy stuff happening in the US. Mass murders, gun control, the mentally ill! The shootings in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio could sadly be...View Details

As tragedies play out around the world involving kids from the States to Canada, to South America and beyond, Greg discusses the key issues and also t...View Details

Greg MacAleese, the founder of Crime Stoppers discusses his diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, its impact and the future for him and the MacAleese File...View Details

The tragic murder of Michael Carmen was the catalyst for the world’s most effective anti-crime program, Crime Stoppers. Now, more than 40 years later,...View Details

Global Security Expert, Charles "Chuck" Andrews, CPP from Houston, Texas joins Greg and Ron to discuss cybersecurity, fraud and what we can expect in ...View Details

Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Ryan Ehalt from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada talks candidly about his unique and brazen (and hugely successful) approac...View Details

I didn’t always live in New Mexico. In fact, I was born in Canada. My dad was the senior armaments officer for the Royal Canadian Air Force. We moved ...View Details

My favorite memories, outside of Crime Stoppers, center around the time spent as a patrol officer and field investigator in downtown Albuquerque. The ...View Details

The proximity of New Mexico to the Mexican border has always meant a steady stream of drugs and illicit trade passing through its largest city, Albuqu...View Details

The city of Albuquerque has always been in a state of flux. Back in the 70’s lots of drugs were coming up from Mexico adding to the despondency of res...View Details

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